Seattle on the Spot

I was part of a blue sky project to preserve a community legacy threatened by displacement.


Museum of History & Industry


April - June 2019, 10 weeks 


Mobile-first responsive website


Sketch, Invision, Principle

My role

UX Research (4 weeks)


Visual Design


User Testing


Ariel Greene (Project Management, UX Research, User testing)


final design


Based on our initial stakeholder meeting, interviews, survey, and outside research on technology access and learning engagement, my team developed three design tenets.

design tenets

take a community-first design approach—understand the needs of the long-time Central District community, and let their voice and vision shape the solution

create an immersive experience—and put the user in the driver's seat

easy access—create an experience that users can enjoy regardless of their location or device 



Our first prototype overwhelmed users with text and options.
To help refine our concept, we developed two user stories for long-term residents and newcomers to the CD.

user stories

These two user stories informed our next round of usability testing.

bringing it all together

We finalized three flows to engage users based on insights on user interests and preferences from early research and usability tests.


“I see myself in these photos. I see how I'm a part of this history, of this community.”

Representative quote

Interviews with members of the CD community

Like a family album


I designed a way for photos to be explored like a family album, with multiple ways for users to view and discover content based on categories.




"I want to be immersed in history and to explore photographs like in a book."

Representative quote

Source: Interviews (6) and Usability Testing (8)

A layered experience

I designed a layered experience where users can read, look, and/or listen depending on their needs or preferences. 


I built navigation that gives users control over their experience by allowing them to return to or skip over content.

"I want something interactive."

Representative quote

Source: Survey, Interviews and Usability testing

Engaging with history

Combining historical documents and maps related to racist housing practices in Seattle, I designed interactions that invite users to uncover the hidden histories that shaped Seattle's neighbhorhoods.

From discovery to visit

I designed and prototyped an interactive map that allows the user to create a self-guided tour through exhibit content.


On June 24, 2019, we presented to MOHAI's Executive Director, Public Programs Manager, and Exhibits Manager. My prototype presentation was noted for its effective visual design and storytelling.


MOHAI commended our project for demonstrating empathy for the Central District community.

User feedback

"[I’m] excited about everything —opening up the history. You can find out about your city, people affected by change, how people lived.

Usability test participant, age 70

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