“classical” ecommerce 

A full cycle purchasing experience from student to maestro.


Personal project


February 2019, 5 weeks 

July 2019, 2 weeks 


Responsive ecommerce website


Sketch, Principle, Photoshop

My role

UX Research

Information Architecture


Visual design 


The bassoon is an “endangered” instrument for a number of reasons—

it's complicated

cost—prices range from $3,000 to over $20,000 for a quality instrument

learning curve—bassoonists craft their own reads by hand


archaic techniques —11 keys for the left thumb alone

Defining scope

Each step of this process was an opportunity to refine the information space towards a more user centered approach.  
I began by defining the breadth and scope of the problem space. I performed competitive analysis, developed a website inventory, iterated on a site map, and explored user flow interactions across devices.  

Offer focused and relevant information for each type of user: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Design multiple points of entry for finding information

Create a design that intuitively informs beginners and builds their knowledge and confidence 

Design tenants

To further assure that I was taking a user-centered approach, I used findings from research and usability tests, to define three design tenants.





I evolved my designs to reflect rhythm and excitement of playing in a symphony orchestra and to communicate the craft and beauty of the bassoon.

Playing to customer needs

Starting with user statements, I designed for three key points in the purchase life-cycle.


“I want to feel like I’m making the smartest purchase for my child”

Beginning and intermediate users don’t always know what they need until they see it. I designed engaging entry-points for users to expand their knowledge and feel in-the-know.

ongoing SUPPORT

“I have a bassoon, so what’s next?”

User needs don’t end with purchase, so I created interactions that allow users to easily find the support they need.

artclass mobile app
mobile-first web app
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